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Product Information

  • Trabasack Mini Laptop Lapdesk Bag
  • The Trabasack Mini Lapdesk Travel Bag can be carried in a briefcase style
  • Straps can also transform the Trabasack Mini Lapdesk Laptop bag into a rucksack
  • The sturdy and firm tray surface of the Trabasack Mini lapdesk bag is ideal for computing and laptops
  • Using the Trabasack Mini lap desk bag for drinks and note-taking
  • Spacious interior and bean bag cushioning of the Trabasack Mini lapdesk bag


Size & Fit
Features & Reviews

The Trabasack Mini is an innovative, award winning travel bag combined with a versatile lap desk.

The built-in lap desk feature provides a sturdy and steady flat surface ideal for working, eating or playing on-the-go, no matter what the location.

Weighing-in at only 700g, the Mini model is a compact, lightweight version of the original Trabasack lap desk bag, designed specifically with space-saving and practicality in mind.

Each Trabasack Mini features a black leather-look tray on one side - a solid, flat surface perfect for writing, sketching or utilising mobile computing equipment, and the bag can hold laptops up to 14", iPads, netbooks and other compact computers.

The Trabasack Mini can also be opened out flat when fully unzipped, to provide even further work space, and includes an internal zip pocket, suitable for small personal items such as mobile phones, wallets and keys.

The soft, padded interior provides the maximum protection for electronic equipment, and is ideal for use as a business or work bag to ensure items remain safe whilst commuting.

Each Trabasack lap desk bag contains a removable bean bag cushion that fits inside to help keep the lap tray level, and eliminate any discomfort caused by the overheating of laptops or netbook PCs.
The Trabasack Mini can be worn in a number of stylish and practical ways, utilising the two long straps provided with each bag. The straps can be attached and removed with ease to allow use as either a briefcase, satchel, messenger bag or rucksack.

Each Trabsack lap desk bag is made from hardwearing, durable fabrics that are both machine washable and shower-proof, providing the ultimate combination of functionality, style and security.

The Mini is also available with a velcro-receptive 'Connect' surface, to view the Mini Connect product page, please click here.


Size: 33 x 25 x 7.5cm 

Weight: 700g

Easy ring pull zips, grab handles, and multi strap options. Internal zip pocket.

Swivel clips on the luggage straps and quick release buckles.

Machine washable 30°C 


Review: Amazon, user: ChigacoSlim

Perfect Fit and Superb Build Quality

"I recently purchased the Trabasack Mini - Lap Tray and Bag and I have been very happy with it. It's not just a case but it's also a tray! Has a bean bag bottom so it's easy to keep your laptop level and doesn't let your legs get too hot. I have used this for both my laptop and my ipad and found it very useful. The product is very high quality and worth every penny. Provides good protection for your device without being to heavy or bulky."