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Product Information

  • Trabasack Curve Connect Laptray Bag with Red
  • Trabasack Media Mount can be twisted and shaped around any object
  • Trabasack Mat can be used with the Trabasack Curve Connect to keep it clean
  • Trabasack Velcro strips are self-adhesive and can be used with the Trabasack Curve Connect velcro-receptive surface to keep items steady, safe and secure
  • Trabasack Media Mount holding an iPad upright upon a Trabasack Curve Connect with red trim

Curve Connect Bundle Offer

Size & Fit
Features & Reviews

Special offer: £44.95 - includes Trabasack Curve Connect laptray bag, Media Mount, Non-Slip Mat and Hook Tapes - saving you over £30.

The Trabasack Curve Connect is an innovative and unique lapdesk bag, perfect for use with sensory toys, communication aids and other equipment that you may require when working with children with additional needs. Designed by an inventor who is also mum to a child with additional needs, Trabasack has many features to help your child explore and play.

The Curve Connect bag features a firm and level lap desk surface on one side, which provides the perfect space for your child's communication aids, switches, toys and books. Included inside each bag is a bean bag insert, to help provide further stability and comfort whilst the lap tray is in use upon your child's knee. The Curve Connect is also lightweight and ergonomically designed, with its clever curved shape fitting snug and secure around your child's waist, to provide extra comfort and to ensure no items can become stuck or lost underneath the lap desk whilst your child is playing or learning.

The unique "Connect" surface of the Curve Connect is velcro-receptive, meaning you can use the sticky-back hook tapes provided to securely and firmly attach almost any item to the tray without fear of the item falling off or getting lost. Simply cut-to-size the desired length of hook tape and stick it to the back of your child's favourite toy, book or communication aid, and this will ensure the item stays attached to the Curve Connect tray surface whilst in use.

For attaching larger items, especially those that need to be held at a specific angle, the Trabasack Media Mount is an extremely versatile and multifunctional mounting device that can wrap around everything from remote controls and switches to iPads - providing the perfect angle for using touch screen technology. The Media Mount also features a velcro strip along one side to ensure it stays firmly attached to the Connect tray surface, and large grab handles making positioning and manoeuvring mounted accessories even more straight forward.

Also included in this special offer bundle is the Trabasack Non-Slip Mat - a durable PVC cover for the Curve Connect that helps to keep the lap desk stay clean and dry, and the non-slip, webbed backing ensures it will not slip when used on a flat surface. The Non-Slip mat can be wiped clean and will fit inside the bag when not in use.

If you have any queries about this product or this offer, please feel free to contact us.

Curve Connect:

  • Size: 39 x 37 x 7.5cm or 15.4 x 14.6 x 3 inches
  • Weight:  900g or 2lb

Media Mount:

  • Dimentions: 870 x 65 x 65 cm
  • Boxed Weight: 100 g

Non-Slip Mat:

  • Product Dimensions: 52 x 0.2 x 47.5 cm
  • Weight: 159 g

Hook Tapes:

  • 4 x 30 cm lengths of hook tape (120 cm total length)

Curve Connect:

  • Easy ring pull zips, grab handles, and multi strap options. Internal zip pocket.
  • Swivel clips on the luggage straps and quick release buckles.
  • Machine washable 30 degrees.

Media Mount:

  • Holds items securely using velcro strip along it's length.
  • Versatile and can be shaped for many uses.
  • Works best with a Trabasack Connect laptray bag - can also be used for holding bottles and plates.

Non-Slip Mat:

  • A multi purpose mat with a non slip backing.
  • Easy to wipe and keep clean, ideal for mealtimes.
  • Stores inside Trabasack.
  • Made from durable PVC.

Hook Tapes:

  • 4 handy sized, pre-cut 30 cm lengths of velcro selfadhesive tape, ideal for attaching everything from books, toys, cups and games to the Connect range of Trabasack lap desk bags.